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Adam Page Wins CWF Mid Atlantic Heavyweight Title at CWF New Years Knockout X!

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Mid Atlantic Sportatorium

Burlington NC


The bizarre Otto Schwanz, weighing in at a massive 250 Ottos, kicked off the night in singles action against the masked Canadian Mercenary 3.5. Schwanz maintained control of the bout from bell to bell, toying with the hapless Canuck and beating him into the canvas, garnering a pinfall victory to start his 2012 campaign.

Donovan "Vice" Murphy and "One Man Boy Band" Roo-D Lewis were introduced for singles action, but before the referee could call for the bell, the irate All Star "Assassin" Ray Kandrack hit the ring and demanded that the ring official make the bout a three-way. In order to preserve his own health, the referee gave in and called for the bell for a three-way tilt. Kandrack wasted no time in attacking both of the young competitors, and pinned Murphy in under a minute and a half. The referee called for the bell awarding the bout to Kandrack as he attacked Lewis, leaving both men laid out in the squared circle as Coach Gemini coaxed him back to the locker room area.

Six-man tag team action was up next as the All Star's "Prince of Heat" Court Montgomery teamed with "Arrogant" Aric Andrews & Mecha Mercenary to take on the team of Rising Generation League Champion Joe Black, Robyn Golphyn & Terrell Givens. A fast-paced and violent bout ensued with the masked Mecha Mercenary plowing through the competition even when he wasn't his team's legal man. All six men showed off their own brands of violence, with the RGL Champion taking out his frustration on rival Andrews as the other four competitors watched ready to tag in at a moment's notice. Mecha Mercenary turned the tide of the battle, flooring Golphyn & Givens and tossed the bloodied Montgomery on top of the legal man to help his team to a pinfall win.

Singles action was up next as injured "Surly" Cecil Scott escorted Chase Dakota to the ring to take on the red-hot "Young Gun" Nick Richards w/Brad Stutts. One of the hardest hitting battles in both men's young careers ensued, with Richards displaying an uncanny resilience at the continual attacks of the cocky Dakota. At the urging of his manager at ringside, Richards continued to get up from his opponent's attacks, beating the referee's count several times after being tossed through the ropes to the concrete floor. Dakota ended the fight with a convincing pinfall win and exited as the ring crew and manager Stutts had to help Richards from the ring area following their bout.

Six-man tag team action was up next as the Aftermath's "the 1st" Ric Converse w/William L. Cross teamed with the Fun Athletic Guys' Trevor Lee & Ben Tyler to take on the team of Mark James, Jason Miller & the "Box Office Draw" Mikael Yamaha. All six men took turns beating the bejesus out of each other, taking advantage of the referee's count every opportunity they could get away with as the bout appeared to become personal between the competitors. A marathon of tags, double-teams and shots straight to the face broke out, with veterans James & Yamaha leading their team to a pinfall win, and a dressing down of the Fun Athletic Guys by Converse, who left the ring after angrily telling them they were on their last strike in their quest to join the Aftermath.

"Untouchable" Evan Banks w/Bobby O'Neill was out next to be the very first challenger to the new CWF Mid Atlantic Television Champion Donnie Dollar$ in 2012. Manager Brad Stutts watched from the concrete as the "Foundation of Fatback" took control of the bout around the five minute mark for good, driving the experienced veteran to the canvas and pinning him in a convincing fashion to retain his first major singles title in his career.

Eight-man tag action was up next as the All Star's Coach Gemini & Assistant Coach Court Montgomery led out the Mid Atlantic tag champions Walter Eaton & Roy Wilkins and partners "Hard Times" Ty Dillinger & Michael "the Fury" McAllister to face the team of VA Bomber's Jason Blade, Semper Ferocious' "Michigan Assassin" Bobby Wohlfert & A Black Guy & A Little Goat's Arik Royal & Chiva Kid. One of the most entertaining bouts of the night ensued, became a marathon of tags and saw all eight men and both "coaches" involved before the battle was done. Blade and Royal dove over the top ropes onto the retreating All Stars, with Royal's cranium making a loud sickening impact on the concrete. The All Stars rushed back to the ring apron and looked on in wonder as Royal made his way back to the ring and back into the battle before the referee's ten count. The All Stars were dealt a setback as the fan favorites were able to win the twenty-five plus minute brawl with a pinfall in the center of the ring.

CWF Mid Atlantic Heavyweight Champion Xsiris, scheduled to defend his title against challenger Adam Page, was unable to get to the Mid Atlantic Sportatorium due to transportation problems which left him stranded on the highway in north of the VA-NC border. Members of the CWF Mid Atlantic Board of Directors gathered in the ring and convinced the absence was indeed a real problem as opposed to a ruse by the Aftermath, ordered manager William L. Cross to hand pick a replacement to stand in as the "proxy" champion since Xsiris could not get to the building in time to defend his title. "The 1st" Ric Converse was then introduced as the replacement and the former six-time Mid Atlantic champ went to work where he was most familiar, in the main event. Page refused to lie down for the former champion and despite an early injury sustained when Converse ducked out of his way as he attempted to spear him, forcing the shoulder of Page to impact hard with the steel ringpost, the challenger kept his head in the bout and kept moving forward against the veteran former World Heavyweight Champion. Converse found himself on the wrong end of a pinfall and the ring filled with well-wishers from the locker room as Page was handed the CWF Mid Atlantic Heavyweight Title belt by the referee. Protests began immediately by Cross, who called out senior official Charles Richardson, which upheld referee Redd Jones' decision in the bout. Coach Gemini and the All Stars hit the ring throwing in the challenge flag and finally resorting to calling out their own "referee of the year" Court Montgomery, who came to the ringside area but was reluctant to enter the ring and overturn the decision. "High Definition" Steve Greene then entered the arena, grabbing Montgomery and tossing him into the ring among the celebrants and dropping him like a bad habit. The celebration began in earnest as Greene announced that he would be acting as a special guest referee in the main event Heavyweight Title defense when CWF Mid Atlantic returns to Greensboro NC on February 11th at the Glenwood Rec Center.

CWF Mid Atlantic returns to live action at Burlington NC's Mid Atlantic Sportatorium on Saturday January 21st at 7:30pm for a full card of hard-hitting pro wrestling excitement! Reserve your seats NOW or anytime at!

(Above) Adam Page celebrates winning the CWF Mid Atlantic Heavyweight Title at Burlington NC's Mid Atlantic Sportatorium.


The bizarre Otto Schwanz begins to systematically torture the Canadian Mercenary 3.5 in singles action.

Schwanz displays his superior leverage as he keeps his masked opponent on the canvas.

Otto helps his opponent to his feet so he can knock him down again.

All Star "Assassin" Ray Kandrack interrupts a singles bout's introductions demanding the official make it a three-way bout.

The angry assassin rolls "One Man Boy Band" Roo-D Lewis over to inflict more punishment on the canvas.

Donovan "Vice" Murphy attacks Kandrack who is busy finishing off Lewis.

RGL Champion "Black Cloud" Joe Black stands over "Prince of Heat" Court Montgomery in six-man tag team action.

Robyn Golphyn goes Muay Thai on the masked Mecha Mercenary.

Terrell Givens cranks on the wrist of the bloody-mouthed Montgomery as referee Charles Richardson looks on.

"Arrogant" Aric Andrews gets busy with the smaller Golphyn.

Mecha chokes out Golphyn in the corner as the referee calls for the break.

Fatback's "Young Gun" Nick Richards considers his options as singles opponent Chase Dakota catches him from behind.

A forecast for rain comes true as Dakota hangs Richards upside down in the corner turnbuckles.

Richards responds with a right to the jaw of Dakota.

Dakota tries to finish off Richards as he finds himself between the ring ropes on the apron.

Mark James cranks on the wrist of the Aftermath's "the 1st" Ric Converse in six-man tag team action.

The "Box Office Draw" Mikael Yamaha clamps down on the head of the Fun Athletic Guys' Ben Tyler.

James shoots Fun Athletic Guy Trevor Lee into low earth orbit.

Converse connects with a boot to the mouth of Jason Miller.

Ray Kandrack attacks James on the floor during the six-man bout.

CWF Mid Atlantic Television Champion Donnie Dollar$ gets a grip on challenger "Untouchable" Evan Banks.

Banks recoils from the assault of Dollar$ as manager Bobby O'Neill directs the bout from the floor at ringside.

Dollar$ connects with a big leg drop.

The challenger is somewhat confused by the basic attacks of Dollar$.

VA Bomber Jason Blade kicks of eight-man tag action against the All Stars' Michael "the Fury" McAllister.

Semper Ferocious' "Michigan Assassin" Bobby Wohlfert patrols the ringside area with a steel chair.

All Star "Hard Times" Ty Dillinger begs off from the advancing Arik Royal.

Chiva Kid and All Star Roy Wilkins fight in the ropes.

The All Stars quadruple-team Blade in the middle of the ring.

All Stars Photo Op!

Coach Gemini takes his turn in pounding Chiva Kid after being "tagged in".

Chiva Kid rolls across the back of Walter Eaton as he attempts a backdrop.

Adam Page cranks on the arm of the "proxy" CWF Mid Atlantic Heavyweight Champion Ric Converse in main event title action.

Page keeps Converse on the canvas in an attempt to win the biggest prize in the Mid Atlantic territory.

Page hoists Converse up on his shoulders on the floor at ringside.

Converse tries to take control of the bout with the high-flying Page on the canvas.

Converse pulls Page face-first to the canvas.

Converse sounds off about to Page, angry that he was forced to step in to defend his partner's title due to transportation problems.

Page grabs the ring ropes to force a break as Converse works over his shoulder.

Converse suplexes Page after snatching him off of the ring ropes.

Out of breath, Page looks for more challenges to the official's decision after "High Definition" Steve Greene hits the ring to make his plans known for February 11th in Greensboro NC!

The new CWF Mid Atlantic Heavyweight Champion finally realizes that the title is really his!

CWF Mid Atlantic Heavyweight Champion Adam Page and CWF Mid Atlantic Television Champion Donnie Dollar$ celebrate their wins following the main event.

The Next CWF Mid Atlantic Event

CWF Mid Atlantic returns to live action at Burlington NC's Mid Atlantic Sportatorium on Saturday January 21st at 7:30pm! Reserve your seats NOW at CWF247.COM!

Directions to the Mid Atlantic Sportatorium

Exit Interstate 40/85 on exit 143 toward the Burlington Airport on Highway 62 South. Take the first left after passing the OLD building (Air Park West, just past the airport) onto Anthony Road. Turn right on Air Park Rd. and then a left onto Frank Holt Dr. The Mid Atlantic Sportatorium is located at the end of the road on the left.

Or GPS us at: 1813 Frank Holt Rd., Burlington NC 27215

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