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The Heavyweights Knock It Out of the Park at CWF END OF AN ERA 2014!

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Mid Atlantic Sportatorium

Gibsonville, NC


Chris "Sho Smoove" Lea defeated newcomer Ryan Zane by pinfall with the Traffic Jam. After the bout Lea made reference to an upcoming "last chance" at Rising Generation League Champion Chet Sterling on March 15 but before he could finish speaking he was ambushed by "Lost Cause" Nick Richards and Jason Miller who attacked Lea until Aaron Biggs made the save.

Rookie Aaron Biggs defeated Jason Miller by pinfall after a flying Thesz press from the 400-pounder.

"New Era" Jimmy Parker defeated "The Assassin" Ray Kandrack w/Coach Gemini by pinfall following a spear, avenging his loss to Kandrack at Battlecade XIV in December.

CWF Mid Atlantic Tag Team Champions Rage & the Machine's Michael McAllister & Mecha Mercenary defeated the Mid Atlantic Outlaws' Matt Houston & Louis Moore to retain the championships when Mecha covered Houston for the pinfall.

"Dirty" Zane Dawson defeated Donnie Dollar$ by pinfall after smashing Donnie's face into the exposed turnbuckle where Dawson had removed the padding. Dollar$ required assistance leaving the ring area following the match.

Dynasty's "the 1st" Ric Converse w/CWF Mid Atlantic Television Champion Chase Dakota defeated PWI International Ultra-J Crown Champion "Head Honcho" Trevor Lee in a non-title match with a roll-up after an assist from Dakota. Trevor was fuming after the bout and promised that Dakota had not heard the last of him.

The Killbillies' "South Paw" Aric Andrews & "Honky Kong" Evan Banks defeated Smith & Weston's Smith Garrett & Charlie Weston in the Anything Goes Virginia Farm Fight when Andrews pinned Garrett after a superplex off the top rope through a board that was supported by hay bales. After the bout, Andrews alluded to the "era" that had ended tonight being the Killbillies year-long cold streak and vowed that they would win the upcoming PWI Tag-Team Tournament and reclaim the CWF Mid Atlantic Tag Team Titles.

CWF Mid Atlantic Heavyweight Champion Arik Royal defeated "Dangerous E" Corey Edsel by pinfall after two sick kicks to retain the title. By retaining, Royal's title reign now passes the record previously held by Edsel as the longest in CWF history!

Wrestling returns to the Mid-Atlantic Sportatorium (1001 Springwood Ave in Gibsonville, NC) on Friday February 28 and Saturday March 1 for the two-night PWI Tag-Team Tournament. Details including teams entered will be available soon at!

(Above) "Dangerous E" Corey Edsel twists and reverses a hammerlock by CWF Mid Atlantic Heavyweight Champion Arik Royal in main event title action at CWF END OF AN ERA 2014 at Gibsonville NC's Mid Atlantic Sporatorium.

Live from CWF END OF AN ERA 2014!

Chris "Sho Smoove" Lea sends opponent Ryan Zane to the canvas in singles action.

Zane drives a shoulder into the midsection of Lea in the corner turnbuckles.

Lea powerslams Zane to the canvas.

Lea drops across the ropes after Zane stumbles into the ring ropes.

Jason Miller swings for the fences against Aaron Biggs in singles action.

Biggs struggles to his feet after Miller clobbered him on the canvas.

Jason Miller meets the immovable object.

Brad Stutts gets inside of the "relationship" between CWF Mid Atlantic Television Champion Chase Dakota and the Dynasty's "the 1st" Ric Converse.

The "Assassin" Ray Kandrack drops an elbow on the "New Era" Jimmy Parker in singles action.

Parker catches the Assassin in the midsection.

Kandrack adjusts his knee pads as Parker informs him it's not over.

Kandrack begins attacking the back of the powerhouse.

Rage & the Machines' Michael McAllister offers a free dental exam to the Mid Atlantic Outlaws' Matt Houston in CWF Mid Atlantic Tag Team Title action.

Houston gets big air as he flies over the back of McAllister.

The Outlaw's Louis Moore gets busy with McAllister after he's been cut off from making a tag.

Tag Champion Mecha Mercenary tries to walk a mudhole in the back of Matt Houston.

"Dirty" Zane Dawson sizes up opponent Donnie Dollar$ in singles action.

Dollar$ makes change with the jaw of Dawson.

Dollar$ pulls Dawson back to his feet off of the canvas.

Zane Dawson displays his caring side by placing his boot across the face of Donnie Dollar$.

"The 1st" Ric Converse forces PWI International Ultra-J Crown Champion Trevor Lee to shake his hand at the start of their non-title singles bout.

Lee catches Converse in a standing headlock.

The fight spills onto the floor at ringside.

Lee aims to kick the face of Converse off, but TV Champ Chase Dakota catches the boot.

Special Enforcer Referee Rob "Boogie Woogie Man" McBride watches as the Virginia Farm Fight erupts all around the ring as the Killbillies battle Smith & Weston.

Smith Garrett tosses the Killbillies' "Honky Kong" Evan Banks into some convenient plunder in the ring.

Garrett is NOT impressed.

"South Paw" Aric Andrews sets up to offer Charlie Weston a chair.

Andrews surveys the ring, the table made from hay bales and judges the distance from the turnbuckles.

Lee Valiant gets in the face of former championship tag team partner Kamakazi Kid as they both appear as guests on the Coach's Hot Seat.

Kazi speaks his mind as Gemini enjoys watching the fires burning in both competitor's eyes.

CWF Mid Atlantic Heavyweight Champion Arik Royal cranks on the wrist of challenger and former champion "Dangerous E" Corey Edsel in main event title action.

Edsel breaks the grip of the champion.

Edsel appears unfazed by Royal's chops.

Royal reacts to the return receipt from Edsel.

Royal swings for the fences and connects!

Edsel goes for the gold.

The Next CWF Mid Atlantic Event

CWF Mid Atlantic returns to live action at the Mid Atlantic Sportatorium at 1001 Springwood Ave. in Gibsonville NC on Saturday February 28th at 7:30pm for a NIGHT ONE of the PWI TAG TEAM TOURNAMENT! Reserve your seats NOW at CWF247.COM!

Directions to the Mid Atlantic Sportatorium

(From Greensboro) Exit Interstate 40/85 on exit 138, making a left turn at the end of the exit onto Highway 61. At the signal, turn right onto Highway 70. Make a left turn at the signal at Springwood Church Road, which turns into Springwood Ave. The Mid Atlantic Sportatorium is located on the right hand side of Springwood about a mile from Highway 70.

Or GPS us at: 1001 Springwood Ave. #15 Gibsonville NC

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