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Mayhem Ensues at CWF Two Out Of Three Ain't Bad II In Burlington NC!

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Chase Dakota was out first for singles action against Fatback Enterprises' "Young Gun" Nick Richards with manager Brad Stutts. Dakota went right to work on the youngest member of the Fatback crew, taking him off of his feet and keeping the bout on the canvas. Richards, nearly pinned on a couple of occasions, fired himself up and rolled to a surprising pinfall win over the cocky young Dakota.

CWF Commissioner "Dangerous E" Corey Edsel was out next, taking the house mic into the ring. Calling a pesky fan who has ran into the CWF ring on a couple of occasions out of the crowd, Edsel gave the fan a chance to tell his story and say what he felt had to be said to the Commissioner. The fan, who called himself Chet, said he could very well be the future of CWF Mid Atlantic and he wanted to train and learn to wrestle in the CWF ring. Edsel, always one unafraid to take a situation into his own hands, gave the young man his "first and last" lesson, an open-hand slap to the face, dropping him to the canvas like a rock. Manager William L. Cross entered the arena and told Edsel he witnessed what he did and that Chet was coming with him after being assaulted by the Commissioner.

Triangle tag team action was up next as the teams of the Killbillies Aric Andrews & Evan Banks w/Bobby Jo Neil, Los Chivas Numero Uno y Numero Dos, and Robyn Golphyn & Terrell Givens all hit the ring prepared for war in a one-fall three-team tag bout. A highly entertaining and memorable bout ensued with all six competitors involved in everything from animal husbandry to shenanigans. The Killbillies extended their win streak with a convincing pinfall win sending the other two teams back to the locker room with losses on their records.

"Prince Of Heat" Court Montgomery and Coach Gemini were up next, with a few choice words for "Hard Times" Ty Dillinger, who retired from the All Stars without the Coach's permission. Rising Generation League Champion Joe Black was then introduced, putting his title on the line against rookie Montgomery. The championship, which can only be held by competitors with less than three years of experience, has always guaranteed some hard-hitting and fast-paced matches and this one stayed true to form. Despite the Coach getting a few shots of his own in, Black took the match to the canvas, forcing Montgomery to submit in right at the five minute mark, with Black retaining his championship.

"The 1st" Ric Converse entered the arena as the RGL competitors were exiting, bringing the house mic and getting in the face of referee Robby Walsh. Manager William L. Cross chimed in from the ring apron as Converse blamed Walsh on his team's loss in Greensboro, after he replaced the injured Redd Jones in the main event. Asking the rookie referee if he thought he was a big man now, Converse and Walsh got into a shoving match, with Converse flooring the ring official. CWF Mid Atlantic Heavyweight Champion Adam Page ran out to help the fallen official, and was soon shadowed to the ring by "Surly" Cecil Scott. Scott explained that Page wasn't even a professional when he started with CWF Mid Atlantic and now that he's "injured" that he's getting a lot of attention, unlike veteran Scott, who's returning from a broken ankle. A referee made his way to the ring, called for a bell and the two were allowed to discuss their disagreements in the squared circle. Page didn't take but about two and a half minutes to finish off the game Scott by pinfall before intermission began.

Amber Gertner was up following intermission with a few announcements about upcoming CWF Mid Atlantic events, and ended by introducing the new CWF Mid Atlantic Tag Team Champions, Arik Royal & Chiva Kid. The champions took the house mic into the ring to suddenly realize that the Fun Aftermath Guys Trevor Lee & Ben Tyler were on one side of them and 7 Oh! 4's Caleb Konley & Cedric Alexander were on the other. All three teams exited without a physical confrontation but tension was high as they left the arena.

"Box Office Draw" Mikael Yamaha was out next to challenge CWF Mid Atlantic Television Champion Donnie Dollar$ for his first-ever CWF singles title. Manager Brad Stutts observed from the floor as his champion faced off against sometime teammate Yamaha, who years ago created the Fatback Splash as a full-fledged member of Fatback Enterprises. Yamaha used his veteran wiles to lure Dollar$ into a trap, but true to his managers' commentary from the floor, Dollar$ was strong enough to resist and keep his shoulders from being pinned. The champion withstood all the veteran had to dish out before finally flattening him and getting the pinfall win in the middle of the squared circle.

Eight man tag team action was up next as Coach Gemini introduced the All Star lineup of "Assassin" Ray Kandrack, Roy Wilkins, Walter Eaton and Mecha Mercenary to face off against the fan-favorites Mark James, Jason Miller, Bobby Wohlfert & Rob "Boogie Woogie Man" McBride. A violent bout broke out with all eight men getting in their shots, with tempers flaring and growing hotter as the bout continued. Just before the fifteen minute mark, all eight men began brawling all around the ringside area and into the front rows. Kandrack & James disappeared through the entrance and were not even in the arena as McBride's team snatched a pinfall win out of a brawl.

Best of Three Falls Tag action was up for the main event, pitting the Fun Aftermath Guys Trevor Lee & Ben Tyler w/William L. Cross against the team of 7 Oh! 4's "Midnight Sun" Caleb Konley & Cedric Alexander. A lightning-fast battle ensued without a single fall being decided until after the fourteen minute mark, with Trevor Lee pinning Caleb Konley after a double-team kick to the head of the PWI International Ultra-J Crown Champion. Partner Cedric Alexander stepped in to take his turn, taking the second fall with a pin over Lee in six minutes after the first. The final fall took almost another six minutes before a brawl sent 7 Oh! 4 down to defeat as the referee counted the Ben Tyler pinfall over Alexander.

CWF Mid Atlantic returns to live action on Saturday March 3rd at Burlington NC's Mid Atlantic Sportatorium for CWF End Of An Era 2012! Belltime is at 7:30pm and already signed the CWF Mid Atlantic Heavyweight Title will be up for grabs between champion Adam Page and former champ Xsiris! The Fun Aftermath Guys will challenge A Black Guy & A Little Goat for the Mid Atlantic Tag Team Titles! Mecha Mercenary will challenge Donnie Dollar$ for the CWF Mid Atlantic Television Title! "The 1st" Ric Converse faces Jason Miller in a rematch from Battlecade! Details, reservations and more at!

(Above) All Star Roy Wilkins reconsiders his options as Rob "Boogie Woogie Man" McBride looks to get out of the corner in eight-man tag team action at Burlington NC's Mid Atlantic Sportatorium.

Live from Two Out of Three Ain't Bad II!

"Young Gun" gets big air in an attempt to splash opponent Chase Dakota, who ducks out of the way in singles action.

The boots of Dakota meet the cranium of Richards as he tries to re-enter the ring.

Referee Robby Walsh calls for the break as Dakota continues to punish Richards in the corner.

CWF Commissioner "Dangerous E" Corey Edsel puts fan Chet in check.

The Killbillies' Evan Banks, Terrell Givens and Los Chivas Numero Dos discuss the concept of a triangle tag match.

Los Chivas Numero Uno whips Givens out of the ropes across the ring.

Los Chivas Numero Uno tries to take down the Killbillies' Aric Andrews.

Robyn Golphyn tries to slow down the manic Chivas in his own corner in Triangle Tag action.

CWF Rising Generation League Champion Joe Black whips challenger "Prince of Heat" Court Montgomery out of the corner as Coach Gemini observes from the floor in title action.

Montgomery is feeling it, thinking the title is his.

Coach Gemini involves himself to allow his charge a moment of liberty behind the official's back.

Joe Black gets down to business with Montgomery, seconds before forcing a submission.

The Aftermath's Ric Converse hits the ring to lodge a complaint against referee Robby Walsh from the previous week in Greensboro NC.

Converse floors the rookie official after asking if he feels tough.

CWF Mid Atlantic Heavyweight Champion Adam Page helps make the save on behalf of referee Walsh, only to discover "Surly" Cecil Scott behind him with a house mic and words of anger.

Scott picks himself up off of the canvas after attacking the champion, who heads towards the top turnbuckles.

Page stands over Scott, totally unprepared for a bout.

Page swan dives off of the top ropes onto the prone Cecil Scott.

Page puts the exclamation point on the short sentence as he finishes off "Surly" Cecil with a boot to the chops.

A Black Guy & A Little Goat's Arik Royal & Chiva Kid thank the fans for their support en route to clinching the CWF Mid Atlantic Tag Team Titles.

CWF Mid Atlantic Television Champion Donnie Dollar$ shakes hands with challenger and sometimes partner "Box Office Draw" Mikael Yamaha after their first lock up.

Yamaha cranks on the head of Dollar$ on the canvas.

Dollar$ returns the favor, keeping the high-flyer grounded.

Yamaha unloads with a barrage to the bread basket of the TV Champ.

Mark James tags in Bobby Wohlfert, who snatches the arm of All Star Walter Eaton in eight-man tag team action.

Mecha Mercenary, on a 10-day contract with the All Stars, punishes Jason Miller in the All Star corner as "Assassin" Ray Kandrack, Eaton & Roy Wilkins try to look like they're not up to anything shady.

Jason Miller introduces Wilkins to his partners across the ring.

Wilkins reacts to a Wohlfert shot to the midsection.

The All Stars befuddle the ring official as all eight men head for a brawl.

Eaton cranks back on the chin of Mark James in the middle of the ring.

PWI International Ultra-J Crown Champion "Midnight Sun" Caleb Konley cranks on the head of Fun Aftermath Guys' Trevor Lee in Best of Three Falls Tag Team main event action.

Lee tries to tenderize the cranium of Konley with his ring boot.

Fun Aftermath Guy Ben Tyler locks up with Konley's 7 Oh! 4 partner Cedric Alexander.

Tyler ducks under and goes behind Alexander, who keeps his thoughts one step ahead of his opponent.

Alexander grapples for the upper hand.

The referee tries to restore order, removing Alexander from the ring as Tyler tries to make it to his corner for a tag.

The Next CWF Mid Atlantic Event

CWF Mid Atlantic returns to Burlington NC's Mid Atlantic Sportatorium on Satuday March 3rd for CWF END OF AN ERA 2012! Reserve your seats NOW at CWF247.COM!

Directions to the Mid Atlantic Sportatorium

Exit Interstate 40/85 on exit 143 toward the Burlington Airport on Highway 62 South. Take the first left after passing the OLD building (Air Park West, just past the airport) onto Anthony Road. Turn right on Air Park Rd. and then a left onto Frank Holt Dr. The Mid Atlantic Sportatorium is located at the end of the road on the left.

Or GPS us at: 1813 Frank Holt Rd., Burlington NC 27215

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