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Double Champ Chet Sterling Survives the Riot's Lee Valiant To Retain CWF Mid Atlantic Television Title at CWF HIGH TENSION 2015!

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Mid Atlantic Sportatorium

1001 Springwood Ave.

Gibsonville NC


Ring of Honor's Stokely Hathaway kicked off the night, stepping into the ring and introducing himself and then his night went downhill with the introduction of his opponent, "Assassin" Ray Kandrack. Kandrack let Hathaway have his shots until he hit the canvas, which turned up his intensity immediately, leading to a pinfall win.

Brandon Day drew Jesse Adler for singles action and found himself being attacked from every angle possible before finally putting the shoulders of Adler on the canvas for the three count.

Coach Gemini made his way to ringside with Chappy, announcing that this would be his new All Star's very first official singles match, and things went downhill for him as Aaron Biggs made his way to the ring and to a pinfall win in a few seconds over a minute and a half.

The Riot's Aric Andrews hits the ring and attacks Biggs after the bell, and the hobbled Biggs demanded a match against Andrews. The Riot got it's first win of the night after Andrews punished the ankle which Biggs broke in 2014, forcing him to submit.

Andrews wasn't out of the ring before the introduction of his former tag partner "Honky Kong" Evan Banks, but refused to speak before exiting. The Dangerous E-lliance's Sis and Michael "the Fury" McAllister teamed with "Army of One" Marcellus King for six-man action, getting an early advantage on Banks before his partners, Smith Garrett & Charlie Weston evened the odds flying into the ring allowing the match to start. The E-lliance/King team walked away with their hands raised following their pinfall win.

Coach Gemini and Chappy led All Star Roy Wilkins to the ring for singles action against Lance Lude. From bell to bell, Wilkins seemed to advance and have control of the match, but after the ten minute mark Lude caught Wilkins in his cristo lock in the center of the ring, forcing him to submit.

Darius Lockhart was out next to take on the media superstar Chris "Sho Smoove" Lea in singles action and the match quickly spilled onto the floor at ringside, where Lea delivered an embarrassing chop across the chest of Lockhart before crushing his right hand on the steel ring post. Lockhart focused on the injury and withstood the low kicks and repeated attacks of the injured Lea to pull off a huge pinfall win for the young competitor.

CWF Mid Atlantic Tag Team Champion & Television Champion Chet Sterling entered for the main event to defend the TV title against the Riot's Lee Valiant. In a brutal match that saw Sterling's knee wrapped around a steel ringpost twice, the traditional ten minute time limit expired, with Sterling retaining the title by rule. The Riot's Aric Andrews entered and attacked Sterling which was the catalyst for CWF Mid Atlantic Heavyweight Champion Brad Attitude to rush the ring from the exit door with a kendo stick. Flooring BOTH members of the Riot, Attitude reiterated that it was indeed "war" against the Riot. Sterling got to his feet and agreeing with the fans chanting, asked the official for "five more minutes" against Valiant! The bell rings and the two go toe-to-toe yet again before Sterling sent him packing, winning by pinfall in a minute and a half.

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(Above) The Riot's Lee Valiant advances on CWF Mid Atlantic Television Champion Chet Sterling in the corner turnbuckles at Gibsonville NC's Mid Atlantic Sportatorium during CWF HIGH TENSION 2015!

Live from CWF HIGH TENSION 2015!

Ring of Honor's Stokely Hathaway shows off his in-ring prowess as he rolls away from "Assassin" Ray Kandrack in singles action.

Hathaway and Kandrack support sportsmanship during the bout.

Hathaway runs the ropes to build more momentum to attack Kandrack.

The Assassin is not pleased, which is TERRIBLE news for Mr. Hathaway.

Brandon Day whips Jesse Adler out of the corner turnbuckles in singles action.

Adler fights his way back to his feet as the referee asks if he wishes to continue.

Adler continues, dropping from the top ropes onto the veteran Day.

Hi, I'm Brandon Day and I approve this beating!

Aaron Biggs sets his sights on singles opponent Chappy across the ring.

A minute thirty-four? It took me THAT LONG to pin Chappy?

Referee Joseph E. Hogan warns off the Riot's Aric Andrews who attacked Biggs after his bout.

After the bell sounds, Andrews attacks the ankle broken late in 2014.

Biggs refuses to stay on the canvas, mixing it up in the ropes.

Biggs struggles to his feet after relentless attacks on his ankle.

Smith & Weston's Smith Garrett makes eye contact with his partners in the corner as he works over Micheal "the Fury" McAllister in six-person tag team action.

Charlie Weston kicks McAllister in the mouth as Garrett ducks the aerial attack.

"Honky Kong" Evan Banks wants a few shots at another former tag team partner.

"Army of One" Marcellus King clubs the back of Weston in the center of the ring.

The bizarre masked Sis chops Weston in her team's corner.

Roy Wilkins catches Lance Lude as he sails over the top ropes to drive him to the concrete in singles action.

Lude takes the upper hand as the bout returns to the confines of the squared circle.

Wilkins thinks it's over as he stands on the head of the prone Lance Lude.

Lude refuses to submit and continues to survive to advance.

Out of nowhere, Roy Wilkins finds himself locked in Lude's cristo in the center of the ring.

CWF Rising Generation League Ethan Alexander Sharpe congratulates himself for adding Manny Garcia to the list of wrestlers he's ran out of CWF Mid Atlantic.

Chris "Sho Smoove" Lea chops Darius Lockhart on the floor at ringside with a timely assist from a fan!

Lockhart is feeling like a beast after hearing Lea's hand hit the steel ring post.

Lockhart doesn't let up on Sho Smoove, working him over in the ring ropes.

Darius Lockhart takes the reflexive right hand Lea throws, knowing that the pain is unbearable.

CWF Tag & TV Champ Chet Sterling floors TV belt challenger Lee Valiant on the floor at ringside in main event title defense action.

Valiant begins his quest to destroy the knee of the double champion.

Sterling attempts to continue his attack despite a throbbing leg.

Valiant explains what he's going to do after he takes the CWF Mid Atlantic Television Title from the champion.

The referees check on Sterling after the Riot's Aric Andrews attacks the TV Champion after the ten-minute television time limit had expired.

CWF Mid Atlantic Heavyweight Champion Brad Attitude makes a timely save, sending Andrews running for the back door.

Sterling and Valiant exchange shots inside after the champion demanded the match be re-started.

Chet Sterling wails away on the noggin of Valiant in the corner.

The Next CWF Mid Atlantic Event

CWF RISING GENERATION LEAGUE returns to live action on Saturday April 25th at 7:30pm for a full card of pro wrestling action at Gibsonville NC's Mid Atlantic Sportatorium! Reserve your seats NOW at CWF247.COM!

CWF Mid Atlantic returns to live action on Saturday May 16th at 7:30pm for CWF EXPLOSIVE ELEMENTS 2015 at Gibsonville NC's Mid Atlantic Sportatorium! Reserve your seats NOW at CWF247.COM!

Directions to the Mid Atlantic Sportatorium

(From Greensboro) Exit Interstate 40/85 on exit 138, making a left turn at the end of the exit onto Highway 61. At the signal, turn right onto Highway 70. Make a left turn at the signal at Springwood Church Road, which turns into Springwood Ave. The Mid Atlantic Sportatorium is located on the right hand side of Springwood about a mile from Highway 70.

Or GPS us at: 1001 Springwood Ave. #15 Gibsonville NC

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