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CWF Champ Adam Page Successfully Defends Title But Sees New Challengers on the Horizon at CWF HIGH TENSION 2012

A Special Report!

Mid Atlantic Sportatorium

Burlington, NC


Singles action kicked off CWF HIGH TENSION 2012 with young Robyn Tyrone Golphyn hitting the ring to take on the Aftermath's "the 1st" Ric Converse w/William L. Cross and his assistant Chet. The high-flying youngster found his hands full at the bell with the former multiple-time Mid Atlantic Heavyweight Champion and his seconds on the floor at ringside. Converse kicked in the afterburners at about the two minute mark and finished his lightning-fast opponent off after nailing him with his Ric-Tor Scale finisher for the pinfall win.

The Killbillies' "Southpaw" Aric Andrews was up next with manager Bobby Jo Neil and partner Evan Banks for singles action against high-flyer Cedric Alexander. The attempt to win by a numbers game was almost null and void as Alexander came to the ring prepared for anything and showed off his own hard-hitting abilities by taking on both wrestlers and their manager. As the bout went into the frantic stage, O'Neil & Banks were able to position Alexander for a beer cooler to the noggin, allowing Andrews to keep the Killbillies' win streak alive, even in singles action.

Coach Gemini introduced his All Star team of Roy Wilkins & "Prince of Heat" Court Montgomery and noticed retired All Star "Hard Times" Ty Dillinger sitting on the front row. The two exchanged a few barbed comments before singles (yes, singles) opponent Jason Miller made his entrance. Explaining to the rookie referee that he'd already submitted his lineup card and demanding the right to make substitutions, the bout became a three-on-one handicap match with even Coach Gemini tagging in to substitute for Wilkins. Miller kept his wits about him, kept his guard up and finished off the bout with a pinfall win in "singles" competition after the All Stars signature brass knuckles ended up within reach of Dillinger, who pocketed them as his former teammates suffered a pinfall loss.

The Fun Aftermath Guys Trevor Lee & Ben Tyler were out next with William L. Cross's assistant Chet in their corner for tag team action against CWF's Rising Generation League Champion Joe Black and Matt Smith. Black unleashed his own brand of misery on the young Aftermath tag team and Smith reminded everyone that he was one of the top-ranked RGL guys in the area before taking some time off for medical reasons. A very entertaining bout ended with Lee & Tyler pulling out a pinfall win with an assist from Chet on the floor. They then took the house mic and announced that CWF has been disrespecting them, shown by the opponents they were being booked against, and said they planned on showing the world that when they defeat the team of K.C. McKnight & Charlie Dreamer on May 5th that they will be in position to demand title shots.

Angry "Assassin" Ray Kandrack was out next like a mad bear awoke from his hibernation to take on the "Michigan Assassin" Bobby Wohlfert in a reprise of their bout from the previous event where Wohlfert proved to be unstoppable. The bout followed the first for a few minutes before Kandrack found his speed and started to beat down the Marine into the canvas. Kandrack got a measure of revenge as the referee was forced to stop the match when Wohlfert appeared to lose consciousness and became unable to respond to orders.

Following intermission Brad Stutts was introduced to announce that the Mid Atlantic Sportatorium will be updating to a newer facility in the month of May. Interrupted by Coach Gemini, an argument erupted between the two adversaries over the right to name the new facility. Coach Gemini had no choice but to put his money where his mouth is and accept the bout offered by Stutts, teaming with CWF Champion Adam Page to take on the All Stars for the right to name the new facility.

With the right to name the stipulations on the May 5th event's scheduled 6-man bout between Fatback's Richards, Dollar$ & Commissioner Edsel and Mecha Mercenary, Chase Dakota & "Surly" Cecil Scott, Brad Stutts led his team of "Young Gun" Nick Richards & CWF Mid Atlantic Television Champion Donnie Dollar$ to the ring to do battle against Chase Dakota & Cecil Scott. A decision was quickly forthcoming with Fatback's team pinning their opponents in barely two and a half minutes. Stutts declared that the bout will be fought under No DQ Texas Tornado Rules!

The Killbillies made their second appearance of the evening as Evan Banks led partner "Southpaw" Aric Andrews and manager Bobby Jo Neil to the ring for singles action against one-half of the CWF Mid Atlantic Tag Champions Arik Royal. Royal became the victim of the numbers game early on until he decided to take the direct approach and attack any of the team that entered the ring without warning. With the Killbillies looking at possible tag title challenges upcoming, Royal stood his ground and defeated Banks by pinfall to give the Killbillies their first loss in the CWF record books.

The CWF HIGH TENSION 2012 main event pitted former Mid Atlantic Champion All Star Walter Eaton against current champion Adam Page in one of the most violent bouts to date for the champion. Blistering chops were exchanged, bodies were tossed from the ring to the concrete floor and all-around bad intentions bubbled to the surface as these two displayed to the fans in Burlington exactly what a championship heart is. Brutality reared it's ugly head as both men tortured each other looking for an opening to finish off the other, with Page finally forcing a submission from Eaton seconds after the twenty minute time call. Ric Converse hit the entrance to clobber Page as he tried to exit the arena, soon joined by Lee, Tyler, Cross & Chet. Officials helped the champion from the arena area as Converse got in the last word of the evening.

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(Above) Challenger All Star Walter Eaton slams CWF Mid Atlantic Heavyweight Champion Adam Page in main event title action at CWF HIGH TENSION 2012 at Burlington NC's Mid Atlantic Sportatorium.

Live from CWF HIGH TENSION 2012!

"The 1st" Ric Converse gets busy in singles action with high-flyer Robyn Tyrone Golphyn.

Converse hears the comments from ringside as he tries to dismantle the young star.

Golphyn refuses to quit, attacking the former World Heavyweight Champion with fury.

The Killbillies assemble at ringside for singles action with some liquid refreshment prior to the bout.

Killbillies "Southpaw" Aric Andrews gets an attitude with opponent Cedric Alexander in the ring ropes.

Andrews keeps the action on the canvas in order to avoid the lightning fast attacks of Alexander.

Former All Star Ty Dillinger leads the cheers against Coach Gemini from the front row.

Coach Gemini substitutes himself for "Prince of Heat" Court Montgomery in "singles action" against Jason Miller.

Miller backs Montgomery into the corner as the ring official calls for the break.

Montgomery refuses to exit the corner after taking a pounding at the hands of Miller.

CWF's Rising Generation League Champion Joe Black tries to remove the hammerlock of Fun Aftermath Guys' Ben Tyler in tag team action.

Fun Aftermath Guy Trevor Lee considers a knuckle lock with Matt Smith.

Matt Smith HAS to be saying "Can you hear me now?"

Fun Aftermath Guy Trevor Lee flies over the top rope courtesy of Smith as referee Chris Troxler tries to remove the non-legal competitors from the ring.

"Michigan Assassin" Bobby Wohlfert renews hostilities with the All Stars "Assassin" Ray Kandrack in singles action.

Wohlfert displays his mat wrestling skills by confounding the bigger man and keeping him on the defensive.

Kandrack tires of the grappling portion of the bout and begins the punishment portion.

Wohlfert is almost out of it as Kandrack drops boots on him in the corner turnbuckles.

With stipulations on the line for May 5th, Chase Dakota & "Surly" Cecil Scott dump CWF Mid Atlantic Television Champion Donnie Dollar$ over the top ropes to the concrete in tag team action.

Scott takes down the "Young Gun" Nick Richards, placing his health in jeopardy along the way.

Dollar$ makes the timely save as the referee begins to count with Richards on his back.

Dollar$ decides to spend some quality time with Chase Dakota in the corner.

One half of the CWF Mid Atlantic Tag Champions Arik Royal breaks up a Killbillies huddle at ringside in singles action.

Royal swings for the fences and connects!

Banks returns the favor, clamping down on the chin of Royal on the canvas.

Royal refuses to continue sitting down, back on his feet and on the attack.

CWF Mid Atlantic Heavyweight Champion Adam Page headlocks challenger and former champion All Star Walter Eaton in main event title action.

Eaton dishes out a man-sized portion of pain on the champion on the canvas.

Eaton ties up the leg of the champion in the corner turnbuckles and shoves him over the ropes.

Eaton returns to attacking the legs of the champion as he is tied to the Tree of Woe.

Eaton's thought process is apparent as he catches the champion in a dragonscrew legwhip.

Page gets a second wind and goes back on the offensive.

Page tries to end it all by forcing the former champion to submit.

Former seven-time champion Ric Converse appears in the ring to congratulate Page on his successful title defense.

Converse and friends floor the champion after he attempts to exit the arena.

Converse and the Fun Aftermath Guys draw a line in the sand and dare Page to cross it in Greensboro on May 12th.

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Directions to the Mid Atlantic Sportatorium

Exit Interstate 40/85 on exit 143 toward the Burlington Airport on Highway 62 South. Take the first left after passing the OLD building (Air Park West, just past the airport) onto Anthony Road. Turn right on Air Park Rd. and then a left onto Frank Holt Dr. The Mid Atlantic Sportatorium is located at the end of the road on the left.

Or GPS us at: 1813 Frank Holt Rd., Burlington NC 27215

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