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CWF EXPLOSIVE ELEMENTS Turns Into A Nightmare For The Aftermath! Matthew de Nero Wins TV Title! Chris "Sho Smoove" Lea Wins RGL Strap!

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Mid Atlantic Sportatorium

Gibsonville NC


Prior to the National Anthem, Charlie Weston grabbed a house mic and told the fans he was scheduled to wrestle the Killbillies' "South Paw" Aric Andrews but would rather have a shot at the man that ruined his CWF debut, Donnie Dollar$. Dollar$ quickly granted the newcomer his wish, pounding him into the canvas and pinning him in under a minute and a half.

Mecha Mercenary hit the ring next with "Surly" Cecil Scott accompanying him in street clothes to face off against the Killbillies' "Honky Kong" Evan Banks w/"South Paw" Aric Andrews in singles action. Scott got involved rather quickly and as his man Mecha is pinning Banks for the win, Zane Dawson rushes into the arena and attacks his partner Andrews! Officials and security escorted Dawson out of the arena after Andrews agreed to take him on later in the evening.

Jason Miller & "Lost Cause" Nick Richards were out next for tag team action against Josh Bishop & Mark James. A hard-hitting affair ensued with each team taking it's best shot at the other. Bishop found himself separated from his corner but James didn't fare much better as the new team of Miller & Richards steal a pinfall win.

Six-man tag team action was up next as Solomon Spades leads the Black Watch team of Chase Dakota & Joe Black w/Jester Jokes to face CWF Mid Atlantic Heavyweight Champion Arik Royal, Cedric Alexander & Aaron Biggs. Violence and hard hits erupted as all six men showed what they are capable of inside of the squared circle, taking advantage of each opponent in any way that presented itself. The Black Watch team suffered a pinfall loss in the bout after their opponents got the fans involved and had a packed house behind them to cheer them on to the big win.

Newcomer Manny Garcia was out next scheduled to face veteran Rob "Boogie Woogie Man" McBride in singles action. Calling McBride a "piece of crap", Garcia suggested that the two wrestle with the loser leaving CWF for 30 days. Both men agreed to the added stipulations and went to war. McBride frustrated Garcia with his bag of tricks but soon found himself on the wrong end of the pinfall! McBride, defeated, took the house mic and challenged Garcia to another fall with the loser leaving CWF for 60 days and the cocky newcomer accepted the challenge! McBride pinned him in bout 30 seconds and Garcia suggested that they wrestle ANOTHER fall with the loser leaving CWF for 90 days and the bell sounded for the deciding fall. McBride clamped a classic Johnny Weaver Sleeper on the newcomer and waited on the referee to determine Garcia was no longer able to respond. Garcia, by rule, can not compete in CWF Mid Atlantic for the duration of 90 days!

CWF Mid Atlantic Tag Team Title action was up next as Coach Gemini presented his All Stars Goon Squad, Walter Eaton & Roy Wilkins to defend their titles against the team of Lee Valiant & Kamakazi Kid. Moments into the bout, Coach Gemini presented his lineup card to the announce team and proclaimed that he's substituted Jesse "El Fuego" Ortega & Michael "the Fury" McAllister for his tag team champions, and somehow, the official allowed it! A few minutes later, the Coach makes another substitution, returning his tag champions to the bout in time to pull out a pinfall win after the Coach blasted Lee Valiant in the face with a hand full of powder, causing another level of friction between the two reluctant partners.

Zane Dawson entered the arena from the back door, grabbing a steel chair and heading toward the ring only to be met by an army of officials and security with Brad Stutts in tow. Disarming the wild Dawson brother and finally getting him into the ring, the Killbillies' "South Paw" Aric Andrews made his way to the ring with partner "Honky Kong" Evan Banks close behind. They brawled. They fought. They took it to the floor with the other's health in low regard. Dawson won the match by pinfall, continued to pound on Andrews as Arik Royal led the charge to remove Dawson from the building for the second time in the night.

Former CWF Commissioner and Aftermath manager William L. Cross was out next as "Special Guest Enforcer" for the remainder of the evening, which featured all three of the "new" Aftermath members in singles action or defending their titles. RGL Champion Ben Tyler & Chet Sterling hit the ring first with #1 Contender Chris "Sho Smoove" Lea coming to the ring for his "last-ever" chance at the title specifically for wrestlers with three years of experience or less. Billing himself as "the Best Ever", Tyler took the fight to Lea with Sterling getting his shots in when possible. Lea found himself facing an uphill climb having to fend off two men, but kept his head in the game with the constant coaching of Cross at ringside. Lea found a second wind and took Tyler to task, wrestling away the RGL Title from the former Fun Athletic Guy.

Chet Sterling, who was running around the ring screaming in anguish at Tyler losing his strap, found himself in the cross-hairs of William L. Cross, who introduced HIS singles opponent for the evening, Xsiris! With a new look, new music and a new outlook, Xsiris returned to the CWF ring which he has dominated for stretches in the past to discover that the "new" Aftermath were willing to do anything to steal a win, including a sneak run-in by TV Champion Trevor Lee, who nailed X with his poison knee.

CWF Mid Atlantic Television Champ Trevor Lee was re-introduced by Chasity Taylor, who presented the #1 Contender for the title, Matthew de Nero. With the traditional ten minute television time limit the rule, the two went to war. Sterling stood by his partner on the floor, with an appearance by Tyler, and the three pulled off a near decapitation of de Nero, who ran into the swinging boot of Lee from the ring apron. Something magical happened. Maybe it was tonight, maybe it was six years ago. But it happened. Everyone in the Mid Atlantic Sportatorium melted as Matthew de Nero was able to kick-start the "Summer of Matty" with a pinfall win over Lee, to finally have his first CWF Title ever.

CWF Mid Atlantic returns to live action and Internet Pay Per View on Saturday June 15th at Gibsonville NC's Mid Atlantic Sportatorium for CWF ABSOLUTE JUSTICE 2013! Already signed: Zane Dawson v. Arik Royal in Street Fight Rules action! Andrew Everett Cross puts up his PWI International Ultra-J Crown Championship against the Aftermath's Trevor Lee, who has to put up the mask of the Chiva Kid! ArenaChicks return as the CEO Amber O'Neal will face off against Serena Deeb! Donnie Dollar$ and a partner of his choice will face Jason Miller & "Lost Cause" Nick Richards! Updates all the way up to belltime on!

(Above) The Killbillies' "South Paw" Aric Andrews catches Zane Dawson in a powerful body slam in CWF Mid Atlantic singles action at Gibsonville NC's Mid Atlantic Sportatorium.


Charlie Weston throws down a challenge to Donnie Dollar$ before the show even begins.

Dollar$ responds by making his way to the squared circle only to meet the ringboots of Weston.

Dollar$ hoists Weston across his shoulder for a painful drop to the canvas.

Weston gets dropped on his face as Dollar$ finishes him off.

Mecha Mercenary shoots the Killbillies' "Honky Kong" Evan Banks across the ring in warp speed in singles action.

Referee Charles Richardson demands both competitors respond to his orders to break.

Mecha clotheslines Banks to the canvas.

Zane Dawson calls out Arik Royal after attacking Killbillies' "South Paw" Aric Andrews in the closing moments of his partner's bout.

Josh Bishop and Mark James await "Lost Cause" Nick Richards and Jason Miller's readiness to compete in tag team action.

Richards talks as Miller reacts to the suggestion of taking out both opponents.

Miller cranks on the head of Bishop on the canvas.

Security and ring officials surround Mark James after he's dropped on his head on the floor by Miller.

Rookie Aaron Biggs wipes out the Black Watch's Solomon Spades in six-man tag team action.

The Black Watch's Joe Black cranks a headlock on CWF Mid Atlantic Heavyweight Champion Arik Royal.

Cedric Alexander gets busy with the Black Watch's Chase Dakota.

Alexander enjoys the results of his chop of Joe Black.

Veteran Rob "Boogie Woogie Man" McBride goes to work on newcomer Manny Garcia after accepting a Loser Leaves CWF for 30 days stipulation.

Garcia gets busy on the arm of McBride.

McBride hoists up Garcia for his Saturday Night Superstar finisher after Garcia accepts a second stipulation for Loser Leaves CWF for 60 days!

The third and final insult, McBride puts Garcia out on the canvas after agreeing to a third fall with the Loser Leaving CWF for 90 days!

CWF Mid Atlantic Tag Champions Walter Eaton & Roy Wilkins fly into challengers Kamakazi Kid & Lee Valiant in tag title action.

Coach Gemini sends in substitutes Jesse "El Fuego" Ortega & Michael "the Fury" McAllister.

Kazi floors Ortega as the tag champs prepare to return to the bout.

The All Stars Goon Squad flapjack Kamakazi Kid face-first to the canvas.

The Killbillies' "South Paw" Aric Andrews fights his way from his knees against irate Zane Dawson in singles action.

Andrews gets to the point with Dawson, who sees no one but CWF Champion Arik Royal across the ring from him.

Dawson tosses Andrews back into the ring after a few minutes of fighting on the floor.

Dawson rings the chimes of Andrews, clobbering him on the side of the head with a ringboot.

Challenger Chris "Sho Smoove" Lea clobbers the RGL Champion as they brawl on the floor.

William L. Cross cheers on Lea from the floor.

"The Best Ever" Ben Tyler tosses Lea through the ropes to the floor in title action.

Chris "Sho Smoove" Lea begins his very first title reign after pinning Tyler for the RGL strap!

Xsiris returns to CWF Mid Atlantic with a target across the chest of the Aftermath's Chet Sterling.

X drops Sterling out of the corner onto his back in singles action.

Referee Charles Richardson orders a break as Sterling pummels Xsiris under the ropes.

Sterling drives a shoulder into the midsection of Xsiris in the corner turnbuckles.

Challenger Mattew de Nero initiates contact with CWF Mid Atlantic Television Champ Trevor Lee in main event title action.

Lee aims de Nero toward the floor.

William L. Cross patrols the ringside area with a steel chair to ensure a fair bout.

TV Champ Lee gets a facial with the ring boots of de Nero.

The "Summer of Matty" kicks off with de Nero raining ring boots from the top ropes onto the champion.

Matty de Nero celebrates winning his first-ever CWF title.

Reality sets in for the nearly-exhausted de Nero as the celebration starts.

The Next CWF Mid Atlantic Event

CWF Mid Atlantic returns to live action at the Mid Atlantic Sportatorium at 1001 Springwood Ave. in Gibsonville NC on Saturday June 15th at 7:30pm for CWF ABSOLUTE JUSTICE on iPPV! Already signed Absolute Justice 2013: Zane Dawson v. Arik Royal in Street Fight Rules action! Andrew Everett Cross puts up his PWI International Ultra-J Crown Championship against Trevor Lee for his Chiva Kid mask! ArenaChicks return to CWF Mid Atlantic with their CEO Amber O'Neal facing Serena Deeb! Donnie Dollar$ and a partner of his choice will face "Lost Cause" Nick Richards & Jason Miller. Reserve your seats NOW at CWF247.COM!

Directions to the Mid Atlantic Sportatorium

(From Greensboro) Exit Interstate 40/85 on exit 138, making a left turn at the end of the exit onto Highway 61. At the signal, turn right onto Highway 70. Make a left turn at the signal at Springwood Church Road, which turns into Springwood Ave. The Mid Atlantic Sportatorium is located on the right hand side of Springwood about a mile from Highway 70.

Or GPS us at: 1001 Springwood Ave. #15 Gibsonville NC

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