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CWF ABSOLUTE JUSTICE on iPPV Crowns Familiar Faces As New Tag Champs! Royal vs. Dawson Trashes Sportatorium In Falls Count Anywhere Street Fight Rules Title Tilt!

A Special Report!

Mid Atlantic Sportatorium

Gibsonville, NC


Prior to the pay per view starting time, the team of Charlie Weston & Josh Bishop hit the ring to take on the All Stars Jesse "El Fuego" Ortega & Michael "the Fury" McAllister. The All Stars began pulling away with the match's momentum only to be aided by Weston refusing to tag in for his team. Ortega & McAllister put together a pinfall win, leaving Weston and his former partner Bishop coming to blows.

The internet pay per view kicked off with six-man tag team action pitting the Black Watch's Solomon Spades, Chase Dakota & Joe Black w/Jester Jokes against Lee Valiant and the Killbillies' "South Paw" Aric Andrews & "Honky Kong" Evan Banks w/Bobby Joe Neil. The man scoring the winning pinfall in this bout would automatically qualify for the 2013 Johnny Weaver Memorial Tournament, turning up the heat on the bout well before the opening bell. The Black Watch found themselves on the wrong end of a double pin, with Valiant and partner Andrews covering for the three count. Commissioner Edsel ruled that since it was "pretty much wide open" that both Valiant & Andrews would be entered into the Weaver Cup Tournament.

"Surly" Cecil Scott & Mecha Mercenary were out next for tag team action against rookie Aaron Biggs & Rising Generation League Champion Chris "Sho Smoove" Lea. The masked monster found a new tactic on this night we've never seen before, running from his corner to avoid being tagged in to face Biggs. That did not bode well for his team as the fans fired up the rookie and the RGL champ with chants of "Biggie Smoove" and rushed them to an impressive pinfall win.

ArenaChicks singles action was up next as former Straight Edge Society member Serena Deeb hit the ring to face ArenaChicks CEO Amber O'Neal. After several moments of feeling each other out, the two went to war on the canvas and in the ropes. O'Neal had the bout in her control but Deeb was able to pull out a cheap win by pinning O'Neal with her feet on the bottom rope out of the referee's vision.

Jason Miller & "Lost Cause" Nick Richards entered the arena through the side curtain, demanding a house mic, climbed through the ropes and sounded off. Donnie Dollar$ rushed the ring without a tag team partner ready for battle when the voice of Commissioner Edsel stopped the competitors in their tracks. Edsel announced he'd found Dollar$ a partner and that he'd also make the match a No DQ Rules bout before exposing himself in his wrestling gear as the surprise partner. Miller & Richards lost it at the bell, fighting, brawling and avoiding their opponents in and out of the squared circle. Dollar$ found himself handcuffed to the steel ring post and beat up as Edsel was double-teamed and destroyed with a steel chair. Miller & Richards won the match via pinfall and Edsel required assistance in just exiting the arena.

CWF Mid Atlantic Television Champion Matthew de Nero found himself making his first title defense against friend and former heavyweight champion Kamakazi Kid. The two unloaded on several exchanges with the masked Kazi looking strong in the opening minutes. De Nero found himself gasping for air and grasping for the ropes to get back to his feet before seeing his opportunity, taking the risk and rolling up Kazi for the pin. The two hugged it out after the decision, which was loudly appreciated by the fans in attendance.

Everything To Lose Four-Way Tag Title action was up next as the All Stars Goon Squad's Walter Eaton & Roy Wilkins put their titles up against the Aftermath's Chet Sterling & Ben Tyler, who would not be allowed to use the name "Aftermath" should they be on the wrong end of the fall. The Mid Atlantic Outlaws Louis Moore & Matt Houston entered putting up their #1 Tag Title Contendership for a calendar year if one of them should be on the wrong end of the winning pin followed by the return of Dynasty, the team of "the 1st" Ric Converse & Xsiris, who put up their career as a tag team should they take the loss. Confused? These guys weren't. They were hot, nasty and playing for keeps from bell to bell. The Aftermath team tried to play the other teams against each other, attacking viciously and retreating leaving their competitors to fight it out. The Dynasty's Converse & Xsiris pulled off the pinfall win to become the new CWF Mid Atlantic Tag Team Champions with a little help from a surprise appearance by partner "High Definition" Steve Greene and his steel chain, after most of the rest of the fight had spilled onto the floor at ringside.

Trevor Lee was out next, with the mask of the Chiva Kid in hand to face Andrew Everett Cross for his PWI International Ultra-J Crown Championship with the winner taking all. To make it simple, these two men do not like each other whatsoever and it showed from bell to bell. They fought in the ring, they fought on all three sides of the ringside area and they fought on the ramp. Lee appeared to have possibly suffered a broken nose in this chapter in these two competitor's history, which ended with a pinfall win for Cross, who retained his title and finally got his Chiva Kid mask back.

CWF Mid Atlantic Heavyweight Champion Arik Royal was introduced, as was added security and officials as challenger Zane Dawson was let into the building for the main event Falls Count Anywhere No DQ Street Fight. Dawson was not in good spirits as he began dismantling the front row of steel chairs seconds after officials surrounded him to bring him into the Sportatorium. In one of the hardest hitting brawls in recent memory, Dawson tried his best to take out the champion, who refused to quit. Royal caught a second wind on the floor at ringside and started tossing plunder into the ring, including a huge stereo speaker and a microwave oven! Royal cornered him on the entrance ramp but Dawson yanked the CWF logo off of the wall and attacked the champion with it. Then it got crazy. The whole ringside area was short about a half dozen steel chairs, all destroyed by Dawson but Royal would not stay down. Dawson exited the ring and made his way to the commentary booth, which was being used by PWI International Heavyweight Champion Shane "Hurricane" Helms & CWF's Brad Stutts. Dawson grabbed Helms PWI title and returned to the ring to clobber Royal with the huge belt. Helms grabbed his ankle as he made that attempt, leaving him wide open to an attack by Royal, who made the most of the situation and retained his title by pinfall over an irate Dawson.

CWF Mid Atlantic returns to live action on Saturday July 6th at 7:30pm at Gibsonville NC's Mid Atlantic Sporatorium for a full card of skull crushing pro wrestling action! Reserve your seats NOW at!

(Above) Zane Dawson pounds away on CWF Mid Atlantic Heavyweight Champion Arik Royal in main event Falls Count Anywhere Street Fight Rules title action at CWF ABSOLUTE JUSTICE at Gibsonville NC's Mid Atlantic Sportatorium.


All Star Michael "the Fury" McAllister cranks on the cranium of Josh Bishop in tag team action.

All Star Jesse "El Fuego" Ortega dares Bishop to get back to his feet after flooring him.

Charlie Weston just happens not to be in his corner as Bishop asks his partner for a tag.

Weston is about to get kicked in the mouth by his own partner after McAllister ducks out of the way.

Lee Valiant connects with a drop kick to the face of the Black Watch's Chase Dakota in six-man tag action with the winner getting a guaranteed spot in the upcoming 2013 Johnny Weaver Memorial Tournament.

The Killbillies' "Honky Kong" Evan Banks cranks on the arm of the Black Watch's Joe Black as "South Paw" Aric Andrews rains down ring boots.

Black Watch leader Solomon Spades catches Banks in a leg scissors around the neck.

Valiant squares off with Black as Andrews gets in the face of Dakota.

Commissioner Corey Edsel rules that BOTH Valiant and Andrews will be entered into the Weaver Cup Tournament since they both pinned Black Watch members at the same time.

"Surly" Cecil Scott tries to get RGL Champion Chris "Sho Shoove" Lea off of his feet in tag team action.

Lea makes Scott swallow his tongue with a dropkick to the back of the head.

Mecha Mercenary assaults Lea to get him off of his tag partner in their corner.

Rookie Aaron Biggs powerslams the "surly" out of Cecil Scott.

"Sho Smoove" flies from the shoulders of his tag partner Aaron Biggs as the crowd chants "Biggie Smoove"!

Former Straight Edge Society member Serena Deeb awaits the lock up with Amber O'Neal in ArenaChicks singles action.

Deeb deposits O'Neal into the ring ropes, feeling confident in her abilities.

O'Neal goes to work on the shoulder of Deeb after dropping her to the canvas.

O'Neal towers over Deeb standing on the second turnbuckle.

O'Neal sets her opponent up for the finish, continuing to work on her shoulder.

"Lost Cause" Nick Richards walks all over former partner CWF Commissioner Corey Edsel in No DQ tag team action.

Jason Miller works over Edsel as Richards turns his attention toward former partner Donnie Dollar$.

Dollar$ is not amused.

Richards propels Edsel into the swinging steel chair of Jason Miller.

Dollar$ finds himself handcuffed to the ringpost as Edsel is double-teamed.

Challenger Kamakazi Kid comes in for a landing on CWF Mid Atlantic Television Champion Matthew de Nero.

Kazi takes advantage of the situation, attacking the TV champ on the floor at ringside.

De Nero prepares for a crash to the canvas on the shoulders of Kazi.

Matthew de Nero kicks and misses as Kazi ducks the surprise attack.

Kazi goes submission style but de Nero refuses to give up.

The Aftermath's Chet Sterling swings and connects with Dynasty's Xsiris as the Mid Atlantic Outlaws look on from their corner in Four-Way Everything To Lose Tag Title action.

The All Stars Goon Squad's Roy Wilkins tries to tag in his partner as Xsiris swings him around the ring.

Coach Gemini runs in to make his tag champions Walter Eaton and Wilkins break up fighting among theirselves after both men were tagged in.

Mid Atlantic Outlaw Matt Houston clobbers the Aftermath's Ben Tyler.

The Goon Squad double flapjack Mid Atlantic Outlaw Louis Moore.

Dynasty's "the 1st" Ric Converse forces Coach Gemini to soil his pantaloons.

Dynasty's "High Definition" Steve Greene enters to clean house with his steel chain.

New CWF Mid Atlantic Tag Team Champions, Dynasty's Ric Converse and Xsiris, celebrate with Greene.

Challenger to the PWI International Ultra-J Crown Championship Trevor Lee poses after tossing champion Andrew Everett Cross to the floor at ringside.

Lee pulls Cross up off of the canvas by the jaw.

Cross connects with the midsection of Lee as he tries to re-enter the squared circle.

Andrew Everett Cross fires up after taking a beating.

Lee grabs Cross for a gut-wrench suplex.

Andrew Everett Cross celebrates the return of his Chiva Kid mask...and retaining the PWI Ultra-J Crown Championship.

Challenger Zane Dawson cuts loose on CWF Mid Atlantic Heavyweight Champion Arik Royal in main event Falls Count Anywhere No DQ Street Fight action.

Dawson finds himself in the ring filled with plunder tossed in by Royal.

The champion knows the fight is serious and stays on top of the unruly challenger.

PWI International Heavyweight Champion Shane "Hurricane" Helms does live iPPV commentary during the main event.

Royal feels the momentum swinging his way as he drags Dawson around the ring.

Royal knocks Dawson into the corner of the littered ring.

Dawson draws back for the kill with a steel chair!

Dawson grabs Helms' PWI Title and takes it back to the ring to attack Royal with.

Helms gets into the face of Dawson as he takes his title belt back on the ring apron.

The Next CWF Mid Atlantic Event

CWF Mid Atlantic returns to live action at the Mid Atlantic Sportatorium at 1001 Springwood Ave. in Gibsonville NC on Saturday July 6th at 7:30pm for a full card of skull crushing pro wrestling action! Reserve your seats NOW at CWF247.COM!

Directions to the Mid Atlantic Sportatorium

(From Greensboro) Exit Interstate 40/85 on exit 138, making a left turn at the end of the exit onto Highway 61. At the signal, turn right onto Highway 70. Make a left turn at the signal at Springwood Church Road, which turns into Springwood Ave. The Mid Atlantic Sportatorium is located on the right hand side of Springwood about a mile from Highway 70.

Or GPS us at: 1001 Springwood Ave. #15 Gibsonville NC

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