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Coach Gemini Gets SLAMMED At CWF Alamance County Library's Reading Challenge!

A Special Report!

Mayco D. Bigelow Rec. Center

Burlington, NC


Media superstar Chris "Sho Smoove" Lea kicked off the Alamance County Library's Reading Challenge Celebration by facing "Lost Cause" Nick Richards in singles action. Richards tried every shortcut in the book but came out on the wrong end of the decision with Lea winning by pinfall.

Singles action was up next as young lions Jarel Dupree and Jesse "the Ripper" Adler faced off in the squared circle. Both recent CWF Dojo graduates showed off what they've learned with Dupree taking a pinfall victory over the Ripper.

The Aftermath's Chet Sterling was out next to face one half of the CWF Mid Atlantic Tag Team Champions Killbillies' "South Paw" Aric Andrews in a singles tilt. Sterling stole a pinfall win by rolling up Andrews and holding the middle rope out of the referee's view while he made the three count.

Two of the Final Four of the 2014 Johnny Weaver Memorial Tournament found themselves across the ring from each other as Arik Royal faced "Army of One" Marcellus King in singles action. In a hard-hitting battle of the big men the sheer will of Royal propelled him to a pinfall win over King.

The top three readers in this summer's Alamance County Library Summer Reading Challenge were introduced to the fans, with Brendon Christopher Lee Brown, his sister Brielle Brown and Olivia Diane Mason taking the top honors!

Ethan Sharpe, the smoking jacket-wearing financial genius interrupted Brad Stutts as the reading challenge winners were leaving the ring making the demand that ALL of the children be removed from the arena. Stutts laughingly refused and Sharpe threw down the challenge that when TV Champ Manny Garcia & Darius Lockhart defeat Donnie Dollar$ & Aaron Biggs later in the evening that no children would be allowed in to the Mid Atlantic Sportatorium for three months. Stutts considered it and responded with a counter-offer, that if Dollar$ & Biggs defeated Garcia & Lockhart that all children in attendance today would be allowed into the Sportatorium for FREE for the next three months, which Sharpe begrudgingly accepted.

CWF Mid Atlantic Television Champion "El Jefe" Manny Garcia & Darius Lockhart were introduced for tag team action against the team of Donnie Dollar$ & Aaron Biggs with the fate of the children on the line. Garcia and his alleged cousin took early control of the bout with the TV Champ creating distractions which allowed Lockhart to take advantage of the situation. The strategy didn't work like they'd hoped, leaving them angry and confused as the hands of Dollar$ & Biggs were raised in a victory after an Aaron Biggs pinfall.

The All Stars' Coach Gemini, Walter Eaton & Chappy hit the ring and called out MJ Wilkerson for the final tally in the reading challenge. The Coach challenged Wilkerson on television weeks ago that if the children couldn't read 10,000 minutes that he would personally body slam Wilkerson. If the children stepped up and won the challenge, Wilkerson would get a chance to body slam Coach Gemini. The final tally was read after Coach Gemini "fudged" the challenge up to 100,000 minutes and went berserk after the final tally was well over 150,000 minutes! Gemini scooped up the teacher for a slam to be interrupted by Arik Royal, who made sure that MJ got her prize of slamming Coach Gemini in the middle of the ring.

Arik Royal was attacked by Chappy and the referee called for the bell for singles action. Chappy hit the floor running as Royal turned toward the Coach only to be attacked by Walter Eaton in the ring. Royal survived the three-on-one assault to pin Eaton in the center of the ring to a roar from the appreciative fans.

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(Above) "Army Of One" Marcellus King catches Arik Royal in the midsection with a boot in singles action at CWF Alamance Library's Reading Challenge Celebration at Burlington NC's Mayco D. Bigelow Rec. Center.

Live from CWF Reading Challenge Celebration!

Ethan Sharpe appears uninterested in the opening bout at the CWF Reading Challenge.

"Lost Cause" Nick Richards rips at the face of Chris "Sho Smoove" Lea in singles action.

Lea connects with a flying drop-kick!

Lea drops the hammer across the shoulders of Richards on the canvas.

Jesse "the Ripper" Adler flies off of the top ropes as Jarel Dupree is caught flat-footed in singles action.

Dupree drops a leg across the prone Adler on the ring apron.

Dupree controls Adler on the canvas.

The Ripper hits a cross-body from the ropes on Dupree.

Chet Sterling cranks on the wrist of the Killbillies' "South Paw" Aric Andrews in singles action.

Sterling doesn't seem to be enjoying the turn the match takes at this moment.

Andrews runs through Sterling dropping him back-first to the canvas.

Sterling shoots Andrews into the ropes across the ring.

Arik Royal listens to the fans as "Army of One" Marcellus King offers a handshake in singles action.

King grounds Royal, trying to soften him up and slow him down.

King reaches for the ropes for extra leverage out of the view of the ring official.

King grabs the ropes seconds before being discovered by referee Charles Richardson.

Aaron Biggs snatches Darius Lockhart off of the canvas by his throat in tag team action.

Donnie Dollars tenderizes the chest area of Lockhart with a loud chop.

CWF Mid Atlantic Television Champion "El Jefe" Manny Garcia kicks at the hamstring of Dollar$ on the canvas.

Lockhart listens as Garcia coaches him from the ring apron.

Alleged "cousins" Garcia and Lockhart consider options seconds before Dollar$ makes a timely tag to Biggs on the ring apron.

Referee Robby Walsh declares MJ Wilkerson the winner of the Alamance County Library's Summer Reading Challenge, allowing her to body slam Coach Gemini!

In an ugly display of bad sportsmanship, Coach Gemini tries to manhandle Wilkerson in the center of the squared circle.

Arik Royal coaches Wilkerson up to dropping Coach Gemini like a bad habit!

Coach Gemini & Chappy approve of Walter Eaton's handling of Arik Royal in main event singles action.

Royal drops Eaton into the ropes and the ring apron from the floor.

Royal whips Eaton out of the corner and across the ring.

Eaton offers a helping hand to Royal to return to the ring.

Eaton looks for an exit as Royal kicks his game into overdrive.

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