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Saturday August 25th, 2018
Mid-Atlantic Sportatorium
1001 Springwood Ave.
Gibsonville, NC

Official Event Results

1. "Southern Savior" John Skyler defeated CWF Rising Generation League Champion "Cowboy" Kool Jay by pinfall to advance to the Weaver Cup Final later in the evening (6:24)

2. PWI International Ultra-J Crown Champion "Skywalker" Cam Carter defeated CWF Mid-Atlantic Tag Team Champion Corruption's Cain Justice by pinfall to advance to the Weaver Cup Final later in the evening (12:46)

3. All Star Roy Wilkins survived to win the CWF Golden Ticket in Golden Ticket Battle Royal action (5:25) [Order of Elimination: 1. Ethan Sharpe; 2. Michael McAllister; 3. Number Man; 4. Number Dad; 5. Snooty Foxx; 6. All Star Mace Li; 7. Donnie BitDon; 8. Mike Mars]

4. Blazing Saddles' "Cowboy" Kool Jay & "Marshal" Michael McAllister defeated CWF Mid-Atlantic Tag Team Champions Corruption's Ethan Alexander Sharpe & Cain Justice by pinfall to win the titles (11:26)

5. "Southern Savior" John Skyler defeated "Skywalker" Cam Carter by pinfall to win the 2018 JOHNNY WEAVER MEMORIAL TOURNAMENT (16:57)

6. CWF Double Crown Champion Trevor Lee defeated Chet Sterling by pinfall to retain the CWF Mid-Atlantic Heavyweight Title (32:44)

Officials: Charles Richardson, Redd Jones, Robbie Walsh, Joseph E. Hogan & Buddy Love

All bouts sanctioned by Pro Wrestling International. Visit us online at!


"Cowboy" Kool Jay requests a live song from his favorite country recording artist prior to 2018 Weaver Cup action breaking out.

"Southern Savior" John Skyler circles his prey on the canvas.

Kool Jay and John Skyler collide in mid-ring.

The RGL champion goes with a flying leg scissors trying to take the Southern Savior off of his feet.

PWI International Ultra-J Crown Champion Cam Carter ties up with CWF Mid-Atlantic Tag Champion Corruption's Cain Justice with the Weaver Tournament Final going to the winner.

Justice takes Carter to the canvas.

Cain Justice and the Skywalker square off.

Corruption's Weaver Cup hope is feeling confident he's tied up Cam Carter for a trip to the tournament final.

The All Stars' Jarry Carey interviews Arik "Ace" Royal at ringside about title prospects.

A certain PWI International Heavyweight Champion interrupts to make a request...

...That Royal be in the ring on Sept. 8th to challenge him for the PWI International Heavyweight Title.

Mike Mars and Donnie BitDon renew hostilities in the CWF Golden Ticket Battle Royal.

Mars and BitDon continue to tussle as Snooty Foxx tries to muscle the 2018 Model Number Man over the top ropes.

CWF Mid-Atlantic Tag Champion Corruption's Cain Justice shoves Blazing Saddles' "Cowboy" Kool Jay across the ring in ordered tag title action.

"Marshal" Michael McAllister requests a tag from the Sheriff as he pounds on Corruption's Ethan A. Sharpe on the canvas.

Cain Justice walks down the apron and calmly shoves Kool Jay to the floor.

"Cowboy" Kool Jay whistles for his horse as Sharpe lifts him for a slam.

In a quick change of momentum, Marshal McAllister grabs Sharpe for a chokeslam.

The actual moment the CWF Mid-Atlantic Tag Title change was cemented, Ethan Sharpe clobbers partner Cain Justice after "Cowboy" Kool Jay rolled out of the way of the blow.

"Skywalker" Cam Carter and "Southern Savior" John Skyler fight on the outside of the ropes in the 2018 JOHNNY WEAVER MEMORIAL TOURNAMENT FINAL.

Skyler rakes the back of Carter with his fingernails.

The referee asks if Cam Carter wants to continue as Skyler leans back on a Boston Crab.

Skyler ducks the kick of the Skywalker.

He swings! He connects!

PWI President William L. Cross awards "Southern Savior" the Johnny Weaver Cup Trophy!

CWF Mid-Atlantic Double Crown Champion Trevor Lee circles his best friend Chet Sterling in main event CWF Mid-Atlantic Heavyweight Title action.

Trevor begins the task of taking apart his friend in defense of the title.

Lee takes a few shots to the short ribs after exposing them grabbing the wrist.

Trevor Lee fights off of the canvas as Chet Sterling tries to get his shoulders down for three.

Lee shoots Sterling into the corner turnbuckles.

Trevor Lee ties up Chet Sterling on the canvas.

Sterling refuses to tap out despite being too far from the ropes to force a break.

Sterling continues to try to get back to his feet as Trevor Lee sets up the end of the bout.

Your fifteenth annual Johnny Weaver Memorial Tournament Champion, "Southern Savior" John Skyler.

The Next CWF Mid Atlantic Events

CWF Mid Atlantic returns to live action on Saturday September 8th at Gibsonville NC's Mid Atlantic Sportatorium with a full card of pro wrestling action! Purchase your seats NOW at CWFTickets.COM!

Directions to the Mid Atlantic Sportatorium

(From Greensboro) Exit Interstate 40/85 on exit 138, making a left turn at the end of the exit onto Highway 61. At the signal, turn right onto Highway 70. Make a left turn at the signal at Springwood Church Road, which turns into Springwood Ave. The Mid Atlantic Sportatorium is located on the right hand side of Springwood about a mile from Highway 70.

Or GPS us at: 1001 Springwood Ave. #15 Gibsonville NC

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