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2011 CWF MASKacre Pits Kamakazi Kid Vs. Nick Richards In An Epic Kazi Rules Main Event!

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Mid Atlantic Sportatorium

Burlington NC


Tag team action kicked off CWF MASKacre with the masked team of the Mechas, Mecha Mercenary & Mecha Creepy, stepping through the ropes to take on 2011 Weaver Cup Champion Arik Royal & Joe Black in tag team action. The bout turned into a brawl with all four men going at it, and Black took the brunt of the misfortune, finding himself pinned on the canvas and requiring help to get back to the locker room following the bout due to injuries sustained in the bout.

Singles action was up next as "Arrogant" Aric Andrews entered the arena wearing the robe of Joe Black as Black's music blasted. Making his way to the ring, Andrews finds himself being tracked down by one irate Joe Black, who was removed from the arena by officials before the opponent was introduced. Chiva Kid answered the bell and went straight to the face of Andrews in an attempt to finish him off faster than their previous 47 second long bout. Andrews was having none of it, brushing off the masked Mexican star's attacks and dishing out his own violence en route to an impressive pinfall win over the popular veteran.

One of the most bizarre characters to ever grace the squared circle of CWF Mid Atlantic chose this time to re-introduce himself to the CWF fans and once again Soloman Spades stood in the center of the ring with the house mic. Spades announced he was back and intended on having an impact on the Mid Atlantic area immediately to celebrate his return. Spades then went silent, dropped the microphone and exited the ring.

Tag team action was up next as the Aftermath candidates Trevor Lee & Ben Tyler made their debut as the Fun Athletic Guys against the team of Caprice "Ice" Coleman & Cedric Alexander. A fast-paced marathon of tag action broke out as all four men displayed what they were capable of doing, with the young team picking up on the leads of the veteran team and picking up their game to stay in the bout from bell-to-bell. The tide of battle leaned toward both teams along the way but was pretty much surprisingly even until the bizarre Soloman Spades snuck down to the ring area and attacked Coleman on the ring apron! The Fun Athletic Guys kicked off their new name with a brand-new winning streak with a pinfall over the seasoned Coleman & Alexander.

Trick Or Treat rules action was up next and four Halloween pumpkins were attached to each of the four ringposts. Inside of one of the four pumpkins, hidden in the candy, was one pair of handcuffs, which could be used legally in the No DQ rules match by whomever got to them first. The All Stars "Hard Times" Ty Dillinger & "Prince of Heat" Court Montgomery were out first, quickly asking the officials if it was a No DQ bout. After being assured it was, Fatback Enterprises' Donnie Dollar$ found himself in the squared circle against both Dillinger and Montgomery. Dollar$ kept his wits about him even though Dillinger was first to the handcuffs, Dillinger passed the cuffs off to Montgomery who dropped to the floor. Climbing back onto the apron as Dollar$ was about to hit the ropes, Montgomery found himself in the wrong place at the wrong time as Dollar$ quickly handcuffed the former referee to the top rope and went to town on Dillinger. Dollar$ took a convincing pinfall win after driving Dillinger to the canvas for the three count.

CWF Mid Atlantic Tag Team Champions Semper Ferocious' "American Pitbull" Devin Dalton & "Michigan Assassin" Bobby Wohlfert climbed through the ropes to defend against fan favorites Mark James & RGL Champion Jason Miller. After some levity through the first few minutes of the "friendly" battle, hostilities erupted and the two teams went to it tooth and nail. Regardless of the outcome, both members of both teams made a point to shake hands with their opponents on breaks and what could have been a real brawl remained mostly a scientific bout of human chess. Coming up on the twenty minute mark of the bout, Semper Ferocious did some serious work as all four competitors threw caution to the wind and traded blows, finally putting away the challengers by pinfall before shaking hands before exiting the arena.

Fatback Enterprises' "Young Gun" Nick Richards entered first for the Anything Goes Kazi Rules bout against the masked Kamakazi Kid. Kazi made his way to the ring with a warning for everybody to stay out of his way as he climbed through the ropes and got in the face of young Richards. Richards, surprisingly, reacted in kind with violence and a fire in his eyes that's not normally there, which seemed to both surprise and please Kazi. Both men found themselves in great peril as ladders, steel chairs and eventually weapons were introduced into the bout. At one point, both competitors dove to the floor, reaching under the ring for plunder with Richards finding a club wrapped in barbed wire and Kazi retrieving a bundle of fluorescent tubes. The two swung each weapon of plunder with Richards catching Kazi across the back with the barbed wire, causing Kazi to turn and try to use his own weapon on him out of anger. Richards actually grabbed the tubes, dropping them across the back of Kazi, which spouted blood in wounds shaped like the tubes across his back. Richards returned to the ring first, producing a huge sack of thumbtacks, pouring them on the canvas and urging Kazi to come back into the ring. Then it got ugly. Both men found out what thumbtacks tasted like, with Kazi stuffing a handful into the mouth of Richards, who returned the favor by dropping Kazi face-first into them! It took almost 35 minutes for a decision to be made, but when it was over, Kazi had his hand raised for pinning the game Richards in the third-ever "Kazi Rules" bout.

CWF Mid Atlantic returns to live action on Thursday Nov. 5th at Burlington NC's Mid Atlantic Sportatorium! Visit and reserve your seats for this event NOW!

(Above) Kamakazi Kid manhandles "Young Gun" Nick Richards on the floor near ringside in main event KAZI RULES action at Burlington NC's Mid Atlantic Sportatorium.

Live from the 2011 CWF MASKacre!

Joe Black cranks on the arm of the masked Mecha Creepy in tag team action.

Creepy keeps Black in the wrong corner as Mecha Mercenary gets into the act on behalf of his partner.

Arik Royal goes toe-to-toe with Mecha Mercenary.

Chiva Kid goes for broke in the first 30 seconds against "Arrogant" Aric Andrews in singles action.

Andrews admires his work as the official asks Chiva if he's able to continue the bout.

Andrews takes Chiva to the top floor for a face full of turnbuckles.

The bizarre Soloman Spades returns to the CWF Mid Atlantic ring!

Cedric Alexander cranks a hammerlock on Fun Athletic Guy Trevor Lee in tag team action.

Caprice "Ice" Coleman seems to have Fun Athletic Guy Ben Tyler on the canvas with a headlock.

Coleman checks to see if Tyler is afraid of heights with a huge hiptoss.

"Prince of Heat" Court Montgomery offers himself up as a footstool for partner "Hard Times" Ty Dillinger as he takes on Fatback's Donnie Dollar$ in Trick Or Treat rules No DQ action.

Dillinger rakes through the candy in one of the four pumpkins attached to the ringposts searching for the handcuffs.

Dillinger goes back to the face of Dollar$ on the canvas.

Montgomery tries to get involved but backs up into manager Brad Stutts as Dollar$ advances on him.

Montgomery finds himself handcuffed to the top ropes as Dillinger looks on from the floor in surprise.

"One Man Boy Band" Roo-D Lewis hosts the annual Halloween costume contest at ringside.

Rising Generation League Champion Jason Miller cranks on the head of CWF Mid Atlantic Tag Team Champions Semper Ferocious' "American Pitbull" Devin Dalton in tag title action.

Semper Ferocious' "Michigan Assassin" Bobby Wohlfert cranks on the arm of Mark James in title defense action.

Mark James headlocks Devin Dalton who headlocks Jason Miller who headlocks Bobby Wohlfert. I think.

James headlocks Dalton who headlocks Miller who headlocks Wohlfert who headlocks referee Charles Richardson! Huh?

Semper Ferocious and some of their biggest fans exit the arena after their pinfall win.

The masked Kamakazi Kid welcomes "Young Gun" Nick Richards to the third-ever Kazi Rules No DQ Anything Goes match.

Richards dives through the ropes to attack Kazi after dumping him to the concrete.

Kazi backflips the Young Gun onto a ladder!

Referee Redd Jones checks to see if Richards can continue.

Kazi eyes the corner turnbuckles after closing up Richards inside of a ladder between two steel chairs.

Richards rolls out of the way, leaving Kazi to land on ladders and chairs.

Kazi discovers a bundle of fluorescent tubes under the ring after Richards produced a barbed wire covered club.

Referee Redd Jones asks Kazi if he wishes to continue AFTER Richards broke the tubes over his back.

Richards adds more peril to the match, dumping a thousand thumbtacks onto the ring canvas.

The bloodied Kamakazi Kid thwarts Richards first attack involving the thumbtacks.

Unfortunately, the third attack was devastating!

Referee Redd Jones explains to Richards that he was "that close" to winning by pinfall after Kazi kicked out.

Kazi dumps Richards into the thumbtacks to set up the pinfall win.

Nick Richards moments after making his way to the locker room following the Kazi Rules match.

The Next CWF Mid Atlantic Event

CWF Mid Atlantic returns to live action at Burlington NC's Mid Atlantic Sportatorium on Saturday November 5th at 7:30pm for a full card of pro wrestling action! Reserve your seats NOW at CWF247.COM!

Directions to the Mid Atlantic Sportatorium

Exit Interstate 40/85 on exit 143 toward the Burlington Airport on Highway 62 South. Take the first left after passing the OLD building (Air Park West, just past the airport) onto Anthony Road. Turn right on Air Park Rd. and then a left onto Frank Holt Dr. The Mid Atlantic Sportatorium is located at the end of the road on the left.

Or GPS us at: 1813 Frank Holt Rd., Burlington NC 27215

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