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Balance Of Power Shifts At CWF FALLOUT 2015? New TV Champion Crowned!

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Mid Atlantic Sportatorium

Gibsonville NC


Arik Royal, Ray Kandrack, Chris Lea and Aaron Biggs defeated Gil Quest, CB Suave, Michael McAllister and Sis in an elimination match, with Royal's entire team surviving. When questioned about the ?#?LetMitchFight? campaign after the bout, Kandrack again reiterated that Mitch Connor would get his answer when they were face to face and not before.

Triathlon Captain Trevor Lee & Cibernetico Captain Ethan Case defeated Triathlon Captain Roy Wilkins & Cibernetico Captain Ethan Alexander Sharpe in an Ultimate Survivor Captains tag preview bout.

Cedric Alexander defeated CWF Mid Atlantic Television Champion Chet Sterling to win the title after blasting Sterling in the face with a wrench behind the referee's back.

After the bout, Alexander said that him holding the Television title made it mean more than any other championship and proclaimed he'd make it a World Television Championship. This drew the ire of Mid-Atlantic Heavyweight Champion Marcellus King who told Alexander to watch him make an example of Smith Garrett later on as King would prove who the # 1 champion in the building was. Garrett appeared and stood up for himself insisting that the championship match be moved up in the card because he didn't want to wait any longer.

CWF Mid Atlantic Heavyweight Champion Marcellus King defeated 2015 CWF Rumble winner Smith Garrett by knockout after interference from Cedric Alexander, who stood over a fallen Garrett and insisted he and King had tried to steal his spotlight as new champion.

CWF Rising Generation League Champion Jesse Adler defeated Coach Gemini in a wild match, ultimately submitting both Coach and Chappie with a double Boston crab.

THE Riot's Lee Valiant, Aric Andrews and Nick Richards defeated Kamakazi Kid, Xsiris and Lance Lude in a 6 man elimination match with Lee Valiant as the sole survivor in a match where Evan Banks again came for revenge on Aric Andrews, Roy Wilkins cost Kazi a pinfall and Richards and Valiant almost came to blows. After the bout, Valiant was verbally and physically provoking a fan in the front row who we later learned is a close family friend of Arik Royal's. Royal burst onto the scene and attacked Valiant, with Ray Kandrack and others having to pull them apart. Mitch Connor appeared on the scene and Kandrack endorsed Connor for their team at Cage of Death saying he deserved to defend himself against the Riot.

Our next event is Friday November 20 in a huge cross promotion with OMEGA featuring a special appearance by SHANE "HURRICANE" HELMS, the 16 man Torneo Cibernetico, the 2 out of 3 falls Triathlon Survivor match and the anything goes Cage of Death where the loser of the final fall will be shaved bald in the center of the ring! Stay tuned as teams are finalized and participants announced.

(Above) "Handsome" Mitch Connor learns his fate from "Assassin" Ray Kandrack who agrees to reinstate him for the Cage of Death at CWF ULTIMATE SURVIVOR XIII at Gibsonville NC's Mid Atlantic Sportatorium.

Live from CWF FALLOUT 2015!

Chris "Sho Smoove" Lea locks up with CB Suave in eight-man elimination tag action.

Michael McAllister drives his shoulder into the midsection of Lea as partners Gil Quest & Suave look on.

"Assassin" Ray Kandrack gets the tag and springs into action for his team!

Aaron Biggs chops Suave in the corner.

Ethan Alexander Sharpe goes toe-to-toe with CWF Mid Atlantic Tag Team Champion Trevor Lee in Ultimate Survivor Captain's tag team action.

Lee slides safely under the leaping Roy Wilkins.

PWI International Ultra-J Crown Champion Ethan Case drops in on Wilkins.

Sharpe drives Case into his team's corner as Wilkins awaits the tag.

CWF Mid Atlantic Television Champion Chet Sterling gets busy with challenger Cedric Alexander.

Alexander ducks under the flying TV Champion in the corner.

Cedric Alexander packages up Sterling to drop him on his head from shoulder height.

New CWF Television Champ Cedric Alexander turns his back and exits as CWF Mid Atlantic Heavyweight Champion Marcellus King lays down the ground rules.

Smith Garrett wonders why should he wait until the main event to battle King and the officials agree!

King clamps down on the cranium of challenger Garrett.

Smith Garrett gets busy in the corner blasting the champion in the head.

Garrett jerks King out from under the ropes as he looks to take a coffee break.

Coach Gemini puts the fingers of RGL Champion Jesse Adler in the turnbuckles in an attempt to break a few fingers in Coach's Rules Grudge match action.

Coach nails Adler with a low blow as Chappie catches his breath in the ropes.

Coach takes ten as Chappie handles the in-ring business for the team.

Adler dispenses Chappie to writhing in pain on the canvas...

...Forcing Coach Gemini back into the game and up the turnbuckles.

CWF Security's Snooty Foxx wipes out Chappie for good measure post-match.

The masked Kamakazi Kid looks for another way to do damage to "Lost Cause" Nick Richards in six-man elimination tag team action.

Xsiris clamps down on the chin of Richards on the canvas.

The Riot's Lee Valiant grounds high-flyer Xsiris.

Xsiris uses the body of Richards to defy gravity.

Lance Lude drops in on Richards feet-first from the top ropes.

Lude ties up the Lost Cause with his christo finisher in the center of the ring.

Arik Royal, "Handsome" Mitch Connor & "Assassin" Ray Kandrack make it official, joining forces to enter the Cage Of Death at CWF ULTIMATE SURVIVOR 2015!

The Next CWF Mid Atlantic Events

CWF Mid Atlantic returns to live action on FRIDAY October 20th at 8:00pm at Gibsonville NC's Mid Atlantic Sportatorium for the CWF ULTIMATE SURVIVOR 2015! Reserve your seats NOW at CWF247.COM!

Directions to the Mid Atlantic Sportatorium

(From Greensboro) Exit Interstate 40/85 on exit 138, making a left turn at the end of the exit onto Highway 61. At the signal, turn right onto Highway 70. Make a left turn at the signal at Springwood Church Road, which turns into Springwood Ave. The Mid Atlantic Sportatorium is located on the right hand side of Springwood about a mile from Highway 70.

Or GPS us at: 1001 Springwood Ave. #15 Gibsonville NC

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